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Dear Viv

Advice for the Discerning Technical Communicator

Dear Viv,

This transformation talk confuses me. How do I know which community I belong to? Should I have gotten an invitation in the mail or something? Should I look for a community with an indoor pool? How am I supposed to figure all this out?



Dear Befuddled,

Honey, if you’re befuddled, I’m dazed and confused. I’ve never admitted that, but it’s freeing, and it’s okay. Anyway, community, chapter, SIG, how are they different? A community can be a chapter, SIG, or a group of members formerly known as a chapter. It can consist of members who live in the same geographical area or who are interested in the same topics.

That old saying about potatoes and tomotoes rings true, especially for members of the Carolina chapter. We’ve chosen to remain a chapter, and our SIGs are still called “SIGs.” Why change something that works? If you disagree, I encourage you to email a member of the board (see and share your ideas, particularly the indoor pool membership option.

For the facts, check out the transformations web site at and join the tranformations mailing list.

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