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The Spiders Have Been Busy
1998, March (July 10, 2007)
by Melissa Powell, Newsletter Web Site Coordinator

We’re even further out there than you may have imagined! On the Web, that is. The Carolina Communiqué has a newly expanded Web site within the Carolina Chapter Web site.

Our new site still provides back issues of the newsletter. We’ve added a section of feature articles so you can have easy access to information you might want to read more than once. We have also provided information to help you get to know us and how we produce your newsletter.

We have two goals in updating our site. First, we want the Carolina Communiqué to be as accessible as possible. We realize that, being the techies you are, your computer is usually closer at hand than your stack of newsletters. Second, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to contribute to this publication and become famous. The site now includes a staff section that advertises who we are, where we meet, and what and how you can contribute.

Drop in on us. Tell us if you think we’re meeting our goals. Share with us your vision of an even better site. Follow the “newsletters” link from the Carolina Chapter Web site (http://stc.org/region2/ncc/) to our new home page.

We’ll be waiting...

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