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See the Future, Make it Happen -- Join Us for Vision Day
1998, March (July 10, 2007)
by Larry Kunz, Strategic Planner for the Carolina Chapter

Times are good, aren't they? No, I'm not talking about politics, or the economy, or even the weather. I'm saying that the last few years have been very good for the Carolina Chapter of STC.

We've grown explosively—in size, activities, opportunities, and the quality of services we offer to our members. We can be proud of how we've grown and what we've achieved.

But when we look back in another few years, what will we say? Will we be proud of what we've become and what we've achieved?

We can be proud if we build a strong foundation and do some strategic planning — now. And you can be a part of it. Join us on Saturday, May 30, for a Carolina Chapter tradition: Vision Day. On Vision Day we gather in a relaxing setting to stimulate our creative juices and chart the course for our Chapter's future. This year's event will take place at the Durham home of our Chapter vice president, Chris Benz.

At Vision Day we'll work together to find ways to make the ideas in our Chapter's Strategic Plan (which is itself a product of past Vision Days) a reality. This isn't about making "to do" lists and handing out assignments. It's about discovering creative, strategic, and visionary ways to reach our goals and make the most of our 350-plus members' talents and abilities.

Can you suggest new activities and services that the Chapter isn't providing today? Does an afternoon of creativity and fun sound good to you? Then join us for Vision Day. Every Chapter member is welcome — you don't have to be an officer, have served on a committee, or even have attended a meeting.

Lunch will be provided. If you plan to attend, please contact me by May 27th so we can have enough to eat. Let me know, also, if you have special dietary or logistical needs. I hope to see you at Vision Day. Incidentally, if you want to look over our Chapter's Strategic Plan before then, point your Web browser to http://stc.org/region2/ncc/pubs/strategic_plan.html.

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