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Putting Causes and Companies Together
2005, Q1 (February 19, 2007)
By Emily Toone

As a small business owner, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to my customers and employees. I also feel a strong responsibility to STC Carolina, because my involvement in the chapter has contributed to my business' expansion. My company has benefited from its association with STC and it returns that good will by paying for our employee's annual dues, donating time and expertise, sponsoring the Tri-Doc conference, and more.

With the economy booming again companies nationwide are opening the coffers to support nonprofit organizations. Cause marketing, as this is known, is a win-win solution that provides a source of funding and resources for nonprofits and charities, while at the same time, boosting corporate reputations and bottom-lines.

For example, last year Tums ran a promotion, "Tums Helps Put out More Fires than You Think" in support of the First Responder Institute. The promotion helped fire brigades buy more than $238,000 in new equipment and contributed to bumping the sales of Tums by 16%.

In addition to boosting revenues and differentiating themselves from the competition, cause marketing shows that there is a corporate soul. Employees are searching for companies that they can be proud of; not only because of their products but because of the good works the company performs.

That's why as a business owner, I'm glad to support the Carolina STC Chapter. My reasons are two fold:
  1. as a technical writer for more than 15 years I believe in supporting the industry
  2. the best writers and editors in the region are found within our chapter.

With this winwin, I cannot lose.

Emily Toone is a past president of STC Carolina. She can be reached at emilytoone at t-p-s dot com. End of article.

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