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President's Message: Weathering the Storm with Continued Involvement in STC Carolina
2009, Q4 (December 14, 2009)
By Bea Bailey, Chapter President

Bea Bailey
Bea Bailey
As the year draws to a close, I become more and more grateful. While the jobless rate is high, there is still a fighting chance for employment within the technical communication field. There are various avenues to take and I’m sure each of us is doing all we can to see our way through this “storm.”

STC has announced the new dues for 2010. They are a bit steep, to say the least, but your membership is of crucial importance right now. If you are not a member, you must show yourself strong with membership and taking leadership roles in organizations like STC.

If you are a member of STC, never forget your role: the opportunist.
We’re here for you—with new employment postings, monthly meetings that relate to various aspects of our field, and to network. If you are a member of STC, never forget your role: the opportunist. You have to greatest opportunity to enhance your own career by learning from other members at these meetings, networking with members and nonmembers, and even presenting at one of the monthly programs yourself.

This year has also been filled with creative and distinct vision. The number of people attending the monthly meeting (both members and nonmembers) grows each month. With each person, there are numerous ideas and tips for all to partake.

Our website is going through a complete metamorphosis for enhancement and to encourage you to become or remain a chapter member with STC Carolina. Ask yourself, “What changes can I NOT afford to miss with STC Carolina?” Check the website for updates and see!

The new year is on its way—are you ready? The presentations for next year are what you need and crave for the ultimate career in technical communication. Look for an email reminder about our upcoming monthly events!

Bea can be reached at president at stc-carolina dot org. End of article.

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