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President's Message: Next Conference will be Spring 2002
2001, January (July 05, 2007)
by Emily Toone, Carolina Chapter President

When is a Summer Conference not a Summer Conference? When the Carolina Chapter's leadership reevaluates and restructures it into a Spring Conference!

This restructuring has taken place over the past two months. What is the reason for our focus on the summer conference? If you read Michael Harvey's article, "Modest fees will rebuild reserves," in the November Carolina Communiqu, then you are aware of the financial issues facing our chapter. Although these issues present a challenge to the chapter leadership, they are by no means insurmountable.

The Summer Conference is an obvious area in need of attention. As Michael stated, "The 2000 Summer Conference spent nearly $10,000 more than it took in."

Plans call for an excellent conference without losing money

So the chapter leadership rose to the challenge by answering the question, "How do we continue the tradition of providing an excellent conference while at the same time not losing money on it?" In other words, "How do we achieve bang for the buck?"

The leadership focused on the length of the conference and the month in which it will be held. After much analyzing and discussing, the leadership has decided to move the summer conference (traditionally held in August) to April. Rather than running a two-day conference (typically Friday and Saturday), we will shorten the conference to a half-day on Friday and a full day on Saturday.

The timing of the conference in April will allow our members to attend both the WinWriter's conference in March and the STC International Conference in May. The shortening of Friday's schedule should help boost attendance by requiring members to take only a half-day off from work.

Two reasons favored move to 2002

One final decision regarding the conference was to move the next conference to the year 2002. The reasoning for this was twofold. First, a Spring 2001 conference doesn't provide enough time for coordinating. Second, by moving the conference to 2002, the Carolina Chapter has the year 2001 to regain control over our budget.

It is the sincere hope of your chapter leadership that the restructuring of the conference will result in a conference that meets your needs as technical communicators and exceeds your expectations as STC members. It is also our hope that the restructured conference will be better attended and break even financially. Now that's a challenge!

If you have any questions or feedback concerning the restructuring of the summer conference, please send me an e-mail at emily_toone at hotmail dot com or contact any of the chapter's Administrative Council listed on the web site. End of article.

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