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President's Message: Celebrating Our Chapter's Success
2004, Q1 (June 20, 2007)
by Meredith Blackwelder

I was delighted to see a large, enthusiastic crowd at our chapter’s annual awards banquet on March 10 at Prestonwood Country Club. On that occasion, we honored some of the stars of our profession.

We saluted winners in the local technical publications, technical art, and online competitions. We also recognized those who have contributed to outstanding service in our chapter. Awards and honors details are covered later in this newsletter.

STC recognizes deserving senior members by conferring upon them the rank of Associate Fellow. We are thrilled to have two members of our chapter — Chris Benz and Diane Feldman — receive this honor this year.

One is recommended for the rank of Associate Fellow based on the consensus of a committee of Fellows and Associate Fellows, and gets the honor by a two-thirds vote of the Society’s Board of Directors. Those selected as Associate Fellows have demonstrated a consistent pattern of meaningful contributions to the Society and to the profession over a period of years. Chris and Diane have earned this honor through their dedicated work for the Society and the technical communication profession. They will receive this award officially at the National Conference in Baltimore in May.

Chris has been in technical communication for 16 years, and a member of STC for 10 years. He has served our chapter as Public Relations Manager, Competitions Judge, Vice President and President. He has provided continuous and outstanding contributions to the Society at the regional and international levels as Director-Sponsor of Region 2. He has inspired and motivated numerous STC members to volunteer, contribute, and excel in the Society as well as engage and excel in their careers.

Diane has been a contributing member of STC for over 10 years. She has given continuous and dedicated service to our chapter and innovative contributions to the Online Competition and Technical Editing Special Interest Group (SIG). She has been Programs Chair, Vice President, and President for our chapter, comanager of a local conference, founder of the online communication competition, and nominations manager. At the national level, Diane served as co-manager of programs at a regional conference and is the current manager of the national level technical editing SIG.

The STC mission is "creating and supporting a forum for communities of practice in the professions of technical communication." The individuals who we recognized at our awards banquet help drive that mission throughout North Carolina and beyond. It is an honor for me to honor them. End of article.

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