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Membership Profile: Chris Benz
1995, August (June 29, 2007)
by Laura S. Johnston

Chris Benz, accomplished book writer and recipient of top honors in the STC International Publications Competition, is an avid cook and volleyball player. The Carrboro resident moved from Upstate New York last year with his wife Kat because they had tired of the cold weather and yearned for a warmer climate. Outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and backpacking appeal to Chris. “I grew up living through 30 winters in New York,” he said. “Before we moved to North Carolina I visited a friend who lives here. I helped him put up a fence, and for some reason, I realized that this is where I want to live.” He went back to New York and convinced his wife they should move to the RTP area. “We were looking for a warmer, friendlier place to live, like North Carolina, Austin, or Flagstaff.”

The adventurous couple describe themselves as the “original environmentalists” and met while attending St. John Fisher College in Rochester. The college sweethearts met in glee club and started dating six months later. They were married in 1987 and currently have a dog and a cat.

Kat is the assistant innkeeper of the Hillsborough House Inn. “She really likes this job,” Chris said. “Her background is in psychology and gerontology. She has worked as a crisis intervention counselor with severely handicapped children.”

Chris graduated in 1986 with a BA degree in communications/management. “I spent a semester in London while in school. It was interesting and provided a good cultural and political influence,” he said. “I came to appreciate art and architecture while there.”

Currently working as an instructional developer on a software development project for Glaxo Wellcome Inc., Chris has authored six retail books and co-authored two. “All of the books had to do with applications,” he said. “I wrote the first in 1992 and the most recent in 1995.” While a trainer and curriculum developer at Logical Operations in New York, Chris took the curriculum information and turned it into retail market books.

After leaving Logical Operations, the Benz family traveled for three-and-a-half months across the country. “Traveling cross- country has been a lifelong dream,” he said. “We wanted a chance to travel and live on the road for a while.”

As for the STC, Chris said that he would like to get more involved with the STC in the areas of the job bank and promotions. End of article.

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