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Meeting Recap: SIGs on Parade
2010, Q4 (December 29, 2010)
Meeting Recap

Christina Eftekhar
Christina Eftekhar
by Christina Eftekhar, Carolina Chapter Volunteer

This chapter meeting featured representatives from various STC special interest groups (SIGs) who discussed their mission statements, what they have planned for 2011, the benefits of joining, and how to learn more. With an STC membership, SIG memberships are only $10 each.

Below are brief summaries of each of the SIGs presented at the Chapter meeting. To view the recording of the entire webinar and see individual presentations, visit the meeting details page. For the complete benefits for all SIGs, download the PDF.

Academic Community SIG (AC SIG)

Pam Brewer presented the AC SIG, which exists “to support the professional responsibilities (curriculum design, current practices, research, funding, etc.) of STC members who work as educators and researchers.”

The AC SIG aims to maintain a bridge between practitioners and the academic researchers and teachers by keeping the two sides of the field closely connected, especially through encouraging partnerships in research projects.

Learn more about the AC SIG by visiting www.stc-ac.org.

Scientific Communication SIG (SciCom)

The SciCom SIG was represented by Kathy Moore. The goal of the SciCom SIG is to “cultivate excellence in scientific communication” through use of their website, communication, and conferencing.

With the help of a new management team, the SIG is currently undergoing a transformation, including many new ideas for the community, including job postings, scientific breakthroughs, and more resources for the different niches.

The SIG is seeking input and participation from members about how to best serve the community through dynamic activities and more useful resources.

The SciCom website, www.stcsig.org/sc, is open to non-members and includes a Twitter feed, newsletter, and links to useful resources.

Instructional Design & Learning (IDL) SIG

Jamye Sagan, an incoming SIG manager, presented the IDL SIG, which exists to “help members develop knowledge and practical skills for designing and implementing technical instruction…and to promote sound design practices.”

Free to members is the newly-launched virtual training evaluation workshop, where training materials can be evaluated and give one-on-one feedback. Many members serve as panelists and provide feedback. Other benefits include webinars, an award-winning newsletter, scholarships, an online presence, and active discussion areas.

To learn more, visit www.stcidlsig.org/wp.

Technical Editing SIG

Technical Editing SIG program manager Carol Lamarche presented the various benefits of the SIG, including quarterly international presentations, scholarships, web resources, community building, newsletters, and STC conference activities.

Non-member programming, including webinars, and “watercooler chats” have recently been introduced to help you decide if the Technical Editing SIG is right for you. Learn more by visiting the SIG’s website at www.stc-techedit.org.

Lone Writer SIG

Low Writer SIG manager Ed Marshall presented the benefits of the 500-member group, which exists to “provide professional and support to writers who are the sole technical writer for their organization.”

However, members do not have to be the only writer in the company to join this SIG. There is an active LISTERV and off-topic list. Recent topics include embedded help, tools questions, job postings, and grammar/writing issues.

To learn more, visit the SIG’s website at www.stc-lonewriter.org or the Lone Writers (STC) group on LinkedIn.

STC UUX Community

Kristi Leech presented the Usability and User Experience (UUX) SIG, which “focuses on issues related to the usability and usability assessment of technical communication” and provides multiple forums where STC members can share experiences. The benefits of the UUX SIG include an active UX book club, real project collaboration, templates, education and resources for user-centered design, usability testing, user interface design, and an award-winning newsletter.

Discover the UUX Community at www.stcsig.org/usability.

AccessAbility SIG

The AccessAbility SIG provides guidance and resources for accessibility issues, including Section 508 compliance and special audiences. You can visit the SIG’s blog at www.stc-access.org.

Thank you to all who presented and shared their SIG with the chapter.

Christina is a technical writer in Research Triangle Park, NC and blogs about technical communication growing pains at writingforpurpose.wordpress.com. She can be reached at c dot s dot eftekhar at gmail dot com. End of article.

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