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Meeting Recap: Making Mobile Apps
2012, Q2 (July 17, 2012)
Meeting Recap
  • What: Making Mobile Apps
  • When: May 10, 2012

Christina Eftekhar
Christina Eftekhar
By Christina Eftekhar, Newsletter Copyeditor

At the May chapter meeting, Rick Sapir presented “Making Mobile Apps,” where he introduced the (unofficial) STC mobile application and how he made it using the Conduit platform.

After a brief introduction about why he created the app, Rick then walked the audience through Conduit’s intuitive development process. Those with laptops and tablets were able to start creating their own apps quickly and easily after the presentation.

The STC application, which works on all mobile devices, features:
  • Content from STC's social networking feeds from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Worldwide tech comm employment opportunities
  • News from STC's Notebook and Summit blogs
  • Links to the latest Intercom and TechComm journal articles.
  • Upcoming events from MySTC groups
  • Recent activity and updates from the MySTC network
  • Direct links and info syndication from the STC BOK, Speaker registry, and others
  • General information about STC (including contact info and membership)

Grab the (unofficial) STC app at http://ricksapir.com/article13-The-STC-Mobile-App or visit http://www.stc-carolina.org/Making+Mobile+Apps. The Carolina Chapter mobile app is available at http://www.stc-carolina.org/Mobile+App or simply visit stc-carolina.org on your mobile device and you will be prompted to download it.

Rick Sapir is the STC Carolina chapter’s webmaster. Leave feedback about the app (or just a note of thanks) at ricksapir.com.

Christina can be reached at c dot s dot eftekhar at gmail dot com. End of article.

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