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Meet Anjela Dukes, the New Carolina Chapter Vice President
2003, Q2 (June 22, 2007)
Carolina Communiqué asked Anjela Dukes, who was elected Vice President of the Carolina Chapter for the 2003-2004 STC year, to introduce herself to members. Here's what she wrote.

This is my first year as a professional member of STC; I was a member of the East Carolina University (ECU) student chapter since 1996. After attending a professional conference as a student member, I had grand desires of contributing to STC.

However, I used moving to Raleigh (three years ago!) and working full-time as an excuse for not participating. When I was asked to run for Vice President of the Carolina Chapter, I almost hid behind my wall again. After careful consideration I decided there is never a perfect time to get involved and I had to jump right in!

My career as a technical communicator began a little over four years ago. Although my career has not been especially long, during that time I have held direct-hire and contract positions, been through layoffs and long periods of unemployment, and experienced the stress of balancing work, family, and school. I feel that I can understand and relate to many of the issues our membership faces, and believe that a professional support group is vital to the success and sanity of technical communicators.

I am honored and excited that I have the opportunity to contribute to a professional organization with such a strong membership. I look forward to building relationships with our sponsors and acting as a liaison for the SIGs. End of article.

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