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January 15, 2018
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January Event: Making Your Content A Company Asset

By Sree Pattabiraman, Communications Director

Image of Jake Campbell
Jake Campbell

Physical assets have a long life, and their value depreciates over time. Does content meet that definition?

Some does not; tweets are usually relevant for hours, or maybe days. Other content, like maintenance manuals or product descriptions, might remain relevant for years after being created.

At its best, technical communication provides an asset that allows the user to effectively make use of your product.
Content strategy can make your content asset in a variety of ways. If you can deliver your content in multiple formats, it will hold more value than if it is locked into a single format, or you can use metadata to improve the quality of your content. By turning your content into an asset, you can prevent your content from becoming a liability.

Register for our January Webinar Event to learn more about Content Strategy in TechComm.

About Jake Campbell

Jake Campbell – Technical Consultant, joined Scriptorium with five years of software quality assurance experience and a desire to apply his testing background to content development problems.
He is putting those skills to good use with XSLT, XSL-FO, and plugin customization work. Thanks to Jake, Scriptorium now develops and maintains a strong test bed to streamline the testing process.

Jake graduated from UNC Greensboro with a BA in English with a focus on education and a BA in Classical Studies with a focus on Latin language and literature. In his daily life, he enjoys cooking, playing and designing games of all kinds, and watching horror movies of questionable quality with his miniature dachshund.

Sree Pattabiraman can be reached at SKUPPUS at NCSU dot EDU. Read more articles by Sree Pattabiraman. End of article.

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