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Interactive Phone System: STC lets you make the call
1995, October (July 02, 2007)
by Jodi Pollack, Job Bank Manager

The Jobline is here! The interactive phone line that allows you to listen to available jobs and programs and leave messages is ready to ring. We are currently testing the line, and will announce the phone number at the October 12th meeting.

The Job Bank is posting jobs from employers who contact STC directly and from other sources. We are including some postings from Raleigh's News and Observer for out-of-state and prospective members who may find it difficult to access an out-of-state paper.

Due to limited time on the Jobline, we cannot post every job. Even though the Carolina Chapter Jobline can be a resource for your job search, we encourage you to continue using all your own resources as well.

And please, when you are changing jobs, remember: We can you help find a new job and fill your old one at the same time.

To ensure accurate reporting of job information, we are requesting that employers fax job information to (919) 781-4302 and/or phone job openings to our Jobline (to be announced). Leave a contact name and phone number for general information like name spellings and job descriptions.

All job postings are recorded on the Jobline on Sunday nights and will remain until the following Saturday. If you want your job posted an additional week, you will need to phone in the listing a second time.

Happy job hunting! End of article.

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