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Her Nichols Worth
1996, Nov-Dec (July 02, 2007)
Included in this issue of the newsletter is a letter to the editor (see page 6). I want to thank Ceil for taking the time to share her thoughts with the chapter.

In the spirit of her ideas on peer workshops, what do you think about the idea of having roundtable discussions after the main speaker at our monthly meetings? Several members from the chapter would volunteer to host a table and lead a discussion about a certain topic.

For example, I could host a table about "Information Design" because I have a wide variety of experience designing books, online help facilities, Web pages, and information for multiple media. Then, anyone who joins the table can ask questions or start a discussion about information design. What topic could you discuss at a table? Then, perhaps at one of these roundtable discussions, members might realize that together they can put together a peer workshop that can benefit the entire chapter.

Our chapter is lucky to be situated in the heart of a technology-rich environment, with some of the best and brightest technical communicators in the field today. Let's pool our resources, knowledge, and
skills and share them with the rest of the chapter.

One last note: Sherry Woodley is the lucky winner of the prize for providing feedback on the newsletter. She received The Makeover Book, Second Edition by Joe Grossman, a book donated by Ventana Communications Group. Thank you, Sherry! The offer still stands, by the way: anyone who sends comments about the newsletter, the chapter meetings, or the Society in general will have their name put in a drawing for a prize. End of article.

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