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Her Nichols Worth
1997, Mar-Apr (June 11, 2008)
This issue was a challenge. For the first time in my 7 months as newsletter editor, I actually had to hold articles for the next issue. The "“Help on Help"” column and the “"Quibble Me This”" column will return next issue for sure. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Cheri Taylor’s article on the newly formed Information Design SIG and Hilary Harris’ article on respect.

Which brings me to the announcement of the winners of the raffle for conference registrations to Help University’s HTML and WinHelp Conference: Hilary Harris and Ann-Marie Grissino. As a consolation prize, Ventana Communications Group donated two books, “Looking Good in Print” and “Looking Good Online” which were awarded to Cheri Taylor.

Writing newsletter articles is easy, fun, and rewarding. Please take an hour to write an article for us. Yes, an hour is all it’ll take! Really! Or, if you’d like to volunteer to edit articles, I’m in need of copy-editors, too. End of article.

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