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Her Nichols Worth
1997, Jan-Feb (June 06, 2008)
I'’ve been asking for feedback from the moment I took over as newsletter editor. Of the people who have approached me, the common theme is “We want it every month.” I hear you and I am working to collect additional articles each month so that I can have a stockpile of potential articles waiting for me to use. I am hoping to have the newsletter published monthly by the beginning of the new STC year, which will be July 1997.

I hope you are reading the newsletter carefully each month, as we are stocking it full of humor, surprises, and chances to get cool stuff. (Yes, that’s a technical term.)

We really want you to get involved and let us know what you think and we’re trying to find new and creative ways of achieving that goal.

Oh, yeah, by the way: At the November monthly meeting Penelope Foss won the door prize for the evening, which was a book titled 10 Secrets of Web Success. Also, Michael Harvey provided the newsletter staff with feedback about the newsletter and is now the proud owner of The HTML Programmer’s Reference. Both books were donated by Ventana Communications Group in support of the STC.End of article.

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