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1996, Sep-Oct (June 19, 2007)
by Doug Ryan — Education Committee Chair

Greetings, fellow screen-starers. Well, not only did I volunteer to resuscitate our Chapter's Education Committee, but Michelle has talked me into writing a column about it for each issue of the Communiqué.

Actually that's fine (at least for now), because I need to get the word out that (a) we exist, and (b) we plan to do things.

Our immediate goal is to arrange for short (one-day) training in specific skills which everyone can use, such as FrameMaker and RoboHelp.

The idea is to use our membership numbers to get us these workshops at decent prices, and I'd love to offer at least one in the Fall and one next Spring.

A few STC members expressed interest at the Summer Conference (thanks! — you'll be hearing from me), but we need more, and we'll take whatever you can give. Consider getting involved by doing any or all of the following: contacting me with leads, contacts, hard-learned lessons, or other useful info; doing short bits of "gofer" stuff (phoning, etc.); becoming a regular committee member (hey — I've got a "meetings refreshments" budget, and if you really get into it, you can put Co-chair on your resume).

Longer term, the Committee will look at opportunities for further training, survey members' wish lists for training, update the chapter's Education Resource List, and possibly examine questions such as "What constitutes an education for technical writing, anyway?"

Think about enlightened self-interest, tell your peers about the Education Committee, and contact me, Doug Ryan, at 490-6927 or dsryan at dur dot mindspring dot com. End of article.

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