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Don't Just Join . . . Do Something!
1998, February (November 17, 2008)
By Michael Uhl, President of the Carolina

Maybe it's a competitive instinct, but I've always felt that our chapter should have twice as many members as it does. We have almost 400 members right now, but we should easily have 800, given the number of technical communicators in the RTP area.

Here's a wild analogy; bear with me. As a devoted follower of Jesus, I know that, Biblically and practically, Jesus exhorts me to make converts. People don't join STC for the same reasons they don't go to church or take God seriously: they're too busy; it isn't relevant; or it's not worth the money or effort.

OK. Maybe this is a stretch, comparing STC to religion. But I have proselytized on behalf of STC for more than 10 years and the response I now get in my Christian evangelism is much like I've gotten from technical communicators. Some people understand that to receive in abundance, you have to make some sort of effort.

In STC, you have to pay your dues, go to a meeting now and then, read the newsletters, and communicate with colleagues. People who just pay their dues and then wait for great things to happen to their career are just like the people who go to church now and then and wonder why God doesn't make them rich and happy. It doesn't work this way; STC doesn't work this way any more than religion does, in my opinion.

The road to a great and satisfying career success is narrow, and focused. That's the only way it works well. I will continue to preach about the benefits of being an active member in STC. But my expectations have changed with my increased understanding of human nature. I salute all of my colleagues in STC who nurture their careers through work in STC, and in doing so, offer opportunities to others. I have learned that those who often best appreciate STC are the people new to our profession. They tend to be the zealots, the ones who inspire others to do great things because they themselves are learning and applying all that they learn to become more in their careers. I hope that we all could have the heart of the newbies.

You can reach Michael at mikeuhl at mindspring dot com. End of article.

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