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Beyond Software: Technical Writing in Other Fields
1996, Sep-Oct (July 10, 2007)
by Julie Davis, Job Bank Committee Member

Some members have complained that STC overemphasizes the software industry and ignores other areas. To correct that, we wanted to find out what writers in other fields are doing. This article profiles Judith Powers, who is a Senior Marketing Writer in Telecommunications at Northern Telecom.

Judith writes about the telecommunications industry, delivering documents that range from 4-5 pages up to 60-70. She has to have a lot of product knowledge, which she gains by attending training sessions and reading mountains of material. Using this highly technical material, she describes the benefits and applications of a particular product in terms the average person can understand.

While she gets feedback from the engineers, she creates a lot of her material from scratch, based on her own knowledge of the product. In addition to marketing pieces, she also writes for trade journals and customer magazines.

Exactly what does she write? As Judith says, Nortel isn't "just about telephones anymore." She writes about asynchronous transfer switches, transmission systems, central office switches, multimedia products and networking solutions.

Judith has been with Nortel for 15 years. She started in sales support, then went into training. Writing user documentation led to sales and marketing training and proposal work, which led to her current job.

Judith enjoys her current position, which lets her blend technological writing with the creative aspects of marketing. End of article.

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