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Ask Dr. Couth
1996, Nov-Dec (July 02, 2007)
Q: As you know, many Technical Communicators have discussed setting up a certification program. Do you think that we should be certified? If so, how do you propose that we get certified?
A Technical Communicator who is certifiable

Dear TC,

Absolutely! Certifying Technical Communicators is the only logical way to ensure that we continue to get the respect and high pay that we so rightly deserve. Because I have, of course, reached the pinnacle of respect, high pay, and incredible communication skills, I can understand why you have turned to me to initiate this certification program.

To that end, I have developed the Couth Technical Communicators. Certification Program (CoTechComCertPro, for short) . After I developed the CoTechComCertPro, I asked our customers to certify it to ensure that they agreed that anyone who completes the CoTechComCertPro is a Certified Technical Communicator. Because I had, with incredible precision, covered their two basic requirements — writing/editing skills and technical knowledge — they readily certified it.

Now, my dear reader, I offer you the opportunity to sign up for the CoTechComCertPro. In order to be accepted into the program, you must complete a prerequisite examination in your own cursive hand (no computer printouts, please). Write a check to Dr. Couth for $999.99 and mail it and your handwritten examination answers to Dr. Couth in care of this newsletter. I will evaluate your writing and technical accuracy (don.t even think of copying; I have a photographic memory and am widely read) to determine if you have what it takes to enter the CoTechComCertPro. End of article.

Editor's note: We regret that we cannot include a copy of the CoTechComCertPro prerequisite examination in this issue of the newsletter. If you'd like a copy of it, please write a second check to Dr. Couth for $29.95 and send it along with a SASE in care of this newsletter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. — Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Corbin Nichols.

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