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STC Releases the 2009-2010 Salary Database
2010, Q4 (December 26, 2010)
By Kevin Cuddihy, STC Member

Editor's Note: This article from the http://notebook.stc.org is reprinted with permission from the author.


What are the fastest growing industries for technical communicators? Which ones are posting the sharpest declines? Where are salaries increasing the most? How much should you expect to make if you apply for a job in another city? The answers to these and other questions asked by job seekers and project planners can be found in STC’s 2009–2010 Salary Database report (using 2009 data).

STC’s Salary Database is a tool that can be used to conduct more powerful job searches, make a strong case for a raise, or prepare department payroll budgets. The data in the Salary Database are drawn from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Employment Statistics (OES).

Starting in 2010 (with the 2009 data), the Salary Database is an à la carte item, available for purchase by members and nonmembers. The PDF copy that members are used to is priced at $10 for members and $49 for nonmembers. In addition, this year STC has responded to requests and has also compiled three Excel spreadsheets with the original data for those who wish to format the data in other ways. Those spreadsheets are available for $10 each ($49 for nonmembers) or get all four items — the PDF and three spreadsheets — for $30 total ($149 for nonmembers).

The spreadsheets are broken down into three categories:
  • The Geographic Series (states/territories, Combined Statistical Areas, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and Nonmetropolitan Statistical Areas)
  • The Industry Series (major industry groups, industry groups, and industry subsectors, as defined by North American Industrial Classification System NAICS codes)
  • The Profession Series (comparing technical writers to four competing professions for 2007 through 2009)
STC Consulting Economist Richard O’Sullivan provides a year-in-review analysis of the labor markets for technical writers, and a series of maps displays the regional changes in technical writer employment and wages from the previous year.

Special sneak peek for blog readers!

I can’t give much away, but here’s an http://notebook.stc.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Salary-Database-sneak-peek.jpg from the new comparison of technical writer to other competing professions. Check out this graphic displaying the median salaries for technical writers and select other professions in the top ten states! Then visit the STC website for more information or to purchase the Salary Database.

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