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Help Save the Chapter
April 10, 2017
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By Christina Mayr, Chapter President

Get Involved - Volunteer Today!
Get Involved - Volunteer Today!
STC Carolina is at a crossroads. We are celebrating 50 years as a chapter this year, which is a huge milestone! I’m so excited about this, along with our celebratory Anniversary Gala in June.

On the other hand, membership and volunteerism continues to decrease as the years go by. Finding leaders who want to step up is always a challenge, and this year even more so. The chapter you know and love is not sustainable because there might be no one to succeed me as President. Because the Society requires a President, Treasurer, and Secretary at a minimum, STC Carolina is in danger of dissolving this year if no one fills the President role.

Over the last two years, I have been dedicated to providing more value to you, our members, through education, social events, and fostering a strong network for professionals, students, and career changers. I haven’t done a very good job of mentoring the next leader, and I’m hopeful someone will consider this powerful opportunity. Would you be willing to step in and keep the chapter going?

STC Carolina is in danger of dissolving this year if no one fills the President role.
The role of President is hard – I’m not going to sugarcoat it. But it is also more rewarding than I ever dreamed. When I joined the chapter in 2007, I would have laughed if you told me I would be President one day. However, as I got more involved through the newsletter and then on the admin council, my confidence grew. Suddenly I was a professional instead of a novice. Over my last two years as President, I have learned more about management, delegation, and interpersonal communication than I anticipated. Now I have these very useful skills to use in my personal career path!

As President, your role would be to guide and lead a group of volunteers – the Administrative Council – in producing events throughout the year while also keeping tabs on the website, mentoring, and competitions committees. You are there to provide direction and assistance, but you should rely on your council and volunteers for the day-to-day tasks.

The President also has me, the soon-to-be Immediate Past President, to train you! I’ll provide some written instructions and one-on-one training. We’ll also work together on a formal, more robust handbook to reduce the workload and knowledge transfer for future presidents.

And finally, do you want to attend the Summit in Baltimore, Maryland, this year? STC Carolina, along with many other communities, believe that all incoming Presidents should have the tools they need to succeed, and that includes support for attending Leadership Day and representing our chapter at the Summit.

With 50 years under our belt, shouldn’t we try for at least another 10? Let’s keep it going.

If you want to help save STC Carolina and run for President next year, please email me at president at stc-carolina dot org. End of article.

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