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Testimonial: What Does STC Do for You?
2006, Q3 (March 05, 2007)
by Laura Cunningham, Carolina Chapter member

Over the years, STC has provided me with many benefits that I’d love to share with you.

STC Competition Judging

I have participated as a judge in the Online Communications portion of the STC Competition for a number of years. It’s so exciting to review other professional’s work, and I always walk away being awed by impressive design, content and usability from fellow communicators. Judging is a great opportunity to refresh my knowledge of best practices, provide a critical yet encouraging eye to other’s work, and a great way to have eyeopening discussions with fellow judges on the entries. If you haven’t been a judge, I encourage you to try it at least once!

Job Opportunities

The Triangle job market has been up and down over the past few years, with some very challenging times in some of those years for fellow STC members. I have referred a number of people to the STC Carolina and national website for jobs, and when I was looking, found great opportunities myself. It’s a great place to find the next opportunity.


There are always networking opportunities at STC. When I was hiring for my team a few years back, I found two great candidates by just talking to fellow members at a meeting. I am writing this article today due to a conversation at a STC meeting last year! It really is a small world out there and it’s great to know such great fellow STC members. I’ve networked with fellow STC members for jobs, to share resources and connect them to one another.

Career Credibility

My career has always been enhanced by STC. My participation in the SIGs, various training offerings and the STC Competition has helped me continue to grow as a professional. STC has helped me gain credibility. I’ve spoken at national conferences and am seen as the go-to person for interactive and online communications due to much what I’ve learned in STC. I am excited about the continual learning opportunities through STC and try to take advantage of them as much as possible. It’s been fun to recap everything I’ve gained from STC. I look forward to remaining an STC member for many years to come!

Laura can be reached at bluechakra at yahoo dot com. End of article.

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