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Web Walker
1996, Nov-Dec (July 02, 2007)
by Michelle Corbin Nichols

Do you have a favorite Web site that you visit on a regular basis? If so, please share it with the rest of us in this new series of articles called "Web Walker." To contribute, send the URL and a paragraph (or two) describing why you find the Web site so engaging.

I thought about starting the series off with a review of the Dilbert site, but I'm just an inDUHvidual and am not one of the chosen few. Instead, I'll talk about one of the most useful types of web sites there are: search facility sites.

I found the .SearchSavvy. site (http://guaraldi.cs.colostate.edu:2000/) after scanning through a back issue of the Navigate! online magazine (http://www.netscapepress.com/zine/, which happens to provide excellent information on designing Web pages, publishing information electronically, and reviewing software tools and Web sites, amongst other things).

SearchSavvy is one-stop shopping for searching the Internet, providing an interface for searching the Web, news groups, FTP sites, and more. From the SavvySearch home page, select Search from the navigation bar at the top of the page and you are taken to the basic search page. Then, on the page that is displayed, type your search string and then select Sources and Types of Information to determine how many parts of the Internet you want to search.

I found the interface for this search site to be very easy to use and provide very good results. You get the power of 28 search facilities working to locate the information you need.

(By the way, two of the sites included in the 28 search sites that I particularly like are DejaNews and AltaVista, if you want to check those out from the SearchSavvy home page.)

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