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Volunteer of the Quarter: Pam Harris
2006, Q1 (March 05, 2007)
by Terry Smith, Carolina Chapter Membership Manager

Pam Harris
Pam Harris

Pam Harris is the current president of the FrameMaker Local Special Interest Group (SIG), which is also known by its former name of NC-FUN (North Carolina FrameMaker Users Network). An active member of the Local SIG for years, Pam became its leader when she missed a meeting and was unanimously elected president! Always a good sport, Pam took on the job with enthusiasm. For more on Pam and how she got involved in STC, see Meredith Blackwelder’s article.

It might seem that a group that has been meeting to talk about a single product—FrameMaker—for years would run out of new or interesting topics. However, not only is that not true, but Pam has organized cutting-edge meetings that cover basics like creating highquality indexes and advanced topics like automating production with scripting tools and producing validated XML.

Pam is a senior technical writer at Hill-Rom, where she has worked for seven years. Her manager, Robert Perry, calls Pam his right hand. Her responsibilities include many forms of technical communication: product documentation, online help, and web-based training. She has worked as a technical communicator for other companies such as Advanced Concepts and even worked as a certified legal assistant in earlier days.

Through Pam’s efforts, Hill-Rom is a gold sponsor for STC Carolina. Hill-Rom provides both refreshments and top quality meeting space for the FrameMaker Local SIG.

When I took a short walk through Hill-Rom with Pam one day, she was stopped four times on the way to her desk as developers asked her questions. She had every answer immediately and acted as if she were oblivious to all the different tasks she was juggling. We went to her desk and fixed an esoteric PDF problem. All the while, she continually interacted with her team members. It was amazing to see her in action. When I told her so, she acted as if it were no big deal. She has the same attitude with her STC responsibilities and activities.

Her positive can-do attitude, pleasant demeanor, and tell-it-like-is-but-always-nicely personality have been a great asset to STC Carolina and to all of us who know her.

For all the contributions she has made to the FrameMaker SIG, and her pleasant attitude when doing so, Pam Harris is the Carolina chapter’s volunteer of the quarter.

Terry can be reached at Terry dot Smith at per-se dot com. Pam can be reached at Pam_Harris at hill-rom dot com. End of article.

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