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Volunteer of the Quarter: Ann-Marie Grissino
2005, Q2 (June 11, 2007)
by Larry Kunz, Carolina Chapter Vice President

Ann-Marie Grissino
Ann-Marie Grissino


Ann-Marie Grissino has graced our chapter with her professionalism and competence for almost as long as I can remember.

Many Carolina chapter members might not realize that our chapter’s online, art, and technical publications competitions are among the strongest in STC. Last year our online Best of Show winner went on to win Best of Show in the international STC competition, and entries from all three of our competitions also won awards at the international level.

The success of our competitions is the direct result of the many years of dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm Ann-Marie has put into them. Although the chapter has a decades-long tradition of holding competitions, it was Ann-Marie who revitalized the competitions program in the mid 1990s. Over the years she has recruited and trained a staff of skilled people to manage the individual competitions, but she’s still recognized as the “go-to” person for any questions relating to competitions in the chapter.

Ann-Marie also founded the chapter’s Online SIG and managed it for many years. Today we’re all used to online documentation. But back when online documentation was still considered “leading edge,” Ann-Marie saw its potential and organized the SIG to give chapter members a way to learn about new technologies and discuss them with each other. Keeping ahead of the technology curve, her SIG meetings have continued to provide topics that are practical and up to date.

In 2002 Ann-Marie toured the People’s Republic of China with a team of technical communicators as part of the People to People Ambassador Program. The group included some of the most distinguished people in our profession. Volunteer of the Quarter: Ann-Marie Grissino by Larry Kunz, Carolina Chapter Vice President

Along with touring the country, they held a series of meetings with their Chinese counterparts—including the first meeting of Westerners with the Society of Chinese Technical Communication.

The shared experiences and cultural understanding from the People to People trip were transformed into a number of articles and presentations at international conferences, regional conferences, and chapter meetings—including Ann-Marie’s presentation at our February, 2003, chapter meeting. These articles and presentations have enhanced our profession’s understanding of the world’s biggest country and the world’s most important emerging marketplace.

Ann-Marie is a model volunteer because she has a way of making all those who work with her look good. She’ll probably say that other people deserve credit for the things I’ve described in this article; that’s a testament to her skill at recruiting and training excellent people to come up behind her and then work beside her. Ann-Marie received our chapter’s Distinguished Chapter Service Award in 1999, and since then she has continued to serve with distinction in a variety of roles. She richly deserved to be recognized as volunteer of the quarter.

Larry Kunz is a past president of STC Carolina and currently vice president. He can be reached at larry_kunz at symantec dot com. End of article.

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