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The changing landscape in technical writing: "New Directions" training will respond to Triangle job market
2001, September (June 20, 2007)
By Frances Wirth

Less than a year ago, technical writers in this area had it made. The Triangle boasted a reputation as a “happening high-tech hub.” Big names in the computer and telecommunications industries were actively recruiting. New startups were springing up like mushrooms. Skilled talent streamed into the area to take advantage of the rich career opportunities. So many jobs, and not enough people to fill them. Competition was amongst the employers, not the employees. You could pick and choose assignments. We were recruited, wooed, offered the world.

Today, that same landscape looks bleak. Daily reports of layoffs, downsizings, cutbacks, retrenchments. The phone has stopped ringing. Résumés are anxiously doing the rounds.

What’s happened? And what can you do about it?

Introducing “New Directions”

Your STC Training Committee is hastily putting together a “New Directions” program in September to help members address these questions. Some proposed sessions include:
  • A discussion panel featuring placement agency and company spokespersons — hear their take on what’s been happening and what we can expect.
  • Career guidance from a professional consultant — including job-hunting skills and effective résumé writing.
  • Identify your personal communications style, and how it affects the way you interact with others in your personal and professional life.
  • Going it alone — the pros and cons of different work options.
  • Tips and resources for the employment-impaired.
  • Networking opportunities and support.

Watch for further news! End of article.

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