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Thanks to STC Carolina for Continued Support!
2004, Q2 (July 05, 2007)
By Sarah Egan Warren

Thanks to the Carolina Chapter for continuing to sponsor the NC State University student chapter president to attend the STC Annual Conference.

We are pleased to announce that the NC State Student Chapter was recognized with another Award of Excellence. Also, our newsletter, Technically Speaking, received an Award of Merit. Without the support from the Carolina Chapter, we would not be receiving these awards. We share each award with your chapter and we always give credit to the Carolina Chapter for helping keep our chapter alive.

Since 2000, the incoming leader has been able to attend the STC conference because of your support. The conference serves as a “crash course” in all things STC. It is so important for a new president to understand the big picture of our organization.

Attending the conference is a terrific way for our incoming president to start the year.

Thank you so much! As we go through the transformation, we hope to continue this important partnership for many years to come.

Sarah Egan Warren is Faculty Advisor of the NC State Student Chapter of STC. She can be reached at sarah at warrensweb dot com. End of article.

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