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Telling Our Powerful Story
2006, Q3 (February 19, 2007)
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By Larry Kunz, Carolina Chapter President

Larry Kunz
Larry Kunz

What’s your story? What do you say when a prospective client or employer says, “Tell me about yourself”? Your story probably emphasizes the skills and knowledge that set you apart, and it probably focuses on how you can provide value to the client or employer’s business.

Our profession has a story too. It’s about things like increasing customer satisfaction, lowering support costs, and bringing technology within reach of more potential customers. It’s a powerful story.

Earlier this year STC adopted an interim strategic plan. “Tell our powerful story” is the first pillar of that plan, and I can promise you that it’ll be a major component of the long-term strategic plan we’ll develop over the next year or so. When we tell our powerful story, we increase the value that STC provides to members and prospective members — and we also create a business environment in which every one of us can provide more value and better our chances of achieving our career goals.

So how will STC go about telling our powerful story?
  1. We have to figure out what our story is.
  2. We have to articulate our story in a way that’s relevant in today’s business world.
  3. We have to tell our story to the people who matter: our employers (current and future), the people who work beside us (for example, engineers and scientists), and the general public.

Here’s where you come in. STC isn’t an abstract entity. STC is you and me, and each of us can have a part in developing our powerful story and telling it for everyone to hear.

At the Society level, I’m privileged to be heading the team that will develop the long-range strategic plan. Team members have been holding focus groups in different regions to gather members’ ideas about what the Society’s key priorities should be in the next several years. (We’ll probably hold a focus group
here in the Triangle later this year. Watch for details.) Later we’ll merge all the ideas into a unified set of goals and strategies. strategic planning effort and is close to having a final plan in place. The plan isn’t static, however; it’ll continue to evolve as circumstances change and members’ needs change.

If you’d like to participate in the strategic planning process, either at the Society level or the chapter level, let me know. There’s a lot to do, and we can use everybody’s insights and energy. Help us tell our powerful story!

Larry can be reached at larry_kunz at symantec dot com. End of article.

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