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Supporting STC and deriving added benefits
2001, May (June 20, 2007)
By Kay Ethier, Carolina Chapter Vice President (2000-2001)

New Benefits for Corporate Sponsors

Since July 2000, I have had the pleasure of serving as Carolina Chapter Vice President. My duties are twofold: I foster relationships with corporate sponsors, and I oversee special interest groups (SIGs).

The majority of my time has been devoted to finalizing the corporate sponsorship guidelines and allocating sponsor-donated resources. In July last year, the leadership council approved new sponsorship guidelines under which companies were able to donate money or meeting rooms for STC meetings. Recently, we added a combination plan to allow companies to provide money and space together. However, more companies have been donating meeting rooms than money, and we ended up with more rooms than we needed. We also ended up with rooms in locations that did not fit any group’s regular needs, which led to irregular meeting locations.

To correct this problem, we have now released revised guidelines that will allow your company to give money or rooms, with limits of specific room sizes and predetermined areas (RTP, Cary, etc.). Extensions in the guidelines also now allow companies to provide money directly to the chapter or directly to a chapter event.

As a corporate sponsor, your company will receive the benefits of exposure to our membership, consisting of both potential employees and customers. Your company will be thanked in the newsletter, on event programs, or on the Carolinas Chapter Web site. It will also be listed in the sponsor’s list in the newsletter sidebar each month through the year of your sponsorship, and on the corporate sponsorship sign displayed at all STC chapter meetings and special programs (banquet, picnic, etc.). Note, however, that benefits are limited by the applicable tax law, which prevents companies from receiving a more substantial benefit in return for their donations.

Current year sponsors are listed on the chapter site at http://www.stc-carolina.org/sponsors/index.shtml. Available sponsorships for the 2001-2002 year are marked OPEN in the following table.

Meeting Space Donations

Online Comm SIGRTP20-40—-Caliber 2001
CIC SIGnone—-PleaseOPEN
Management SIGTBD?—-TBD
Tech Editing SIGRTP20—-EMC2 2001
NC-FUN SIGRTP30-50PleaseHill-Rom 2001
LeadershipRTP6-18 —-EMC2 2001
Training CommitteeCary/Apex6-12PleaseOPEN
ProgramsRTP80+STC providesOPEN

By gathering these donated resources from the corporate community, we are better able to serve the membership and maximize our budget. Since our Chapter’s yearly budget is limited, it is important to make the most of the funds that we do have. Minimizing costs on meetings and seeking donations from companies allows us to expand our offerings. Last year, for example, we were able to sponsor two students to attend the STC International Conference! Next year, we hope to add more sponsorships, a mentoring program, and subsidized member training.

Money Donations (Project Funding)

Banquet (March 2001)$1,000 OPEN
Banquet (March 2002)$1,000 OPEN
Picnic (September 2001) $500 OPEN
Conference (April 2002) Overall $2,500 OPEN
Conference (April 2002) Exhibits $350 x 20 [booths] = $7,000 OPEN
Conference (April 2002) Friday Reception $1,000 OPEN
Conference (April 2002) Friday Lunch $1,000 OPEN

Overseeing SIGs is relatively easy, so I’ll mention that briefly. I assist the SIG managers with budget issues, meeting space, and administrative needs. Thanks to the incredible SIG managers—Ann-Marie Grissino, Ann Tice, Cheri Taylor, Cindy Bair, and Sheila Loring (Cindy’s successor)—the SIGs have run smoothly this year right through the addition of the Frame Users Network SIG.

If you are interested in donating space or money, please notify the Chapter Vice President (kethier@travelthepath.com). We need your help and I would like to discuss your options and more thoroughly review sponsor benefits with you.

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