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State of the Chapter 2016
2016, Q1 (February 01, 2016)
By Christina Mayr, Chapter President
Christina Mayr
Christina Mayr

Your STC Chapter is at a crossroads, and I need your help to keep us on the successful path. In 2015 we were honored with the Community of the Year Award for providing outstanding value to our members. While it is amazing to be recognized as the pacesetter for the STC, it is sad to think that only 10% of the Chapter is sustaining the other 90%. There’s only a few of us who plan, promote, and volunteer at events. Because of this, the outlook for our Chapter over the next few years is sadly--uncertain.

To do my part in continuing our Chapter’s longevity, I wanted to focus on increasing our student membership, and I am happy to see that our efforts have paid off with 20 new student members in 2015. If I hadn’t found STC as a student, I wouldn’t have found a mentor that I still seek advice from; I wouldn’t have discovered the tools and skills needed for our local market; and I wouldn’t have built a network that I still rely on today. Doesn’t the next generation of young professionals deserve the same?
The more involved I am, the more value I get from being a member.

Some ask, “What are the benefits of being a member?” I could regurgitate the benefits listed on STC’s website, but let me ask you—what will you miss if the Chapter isn’t here? Yes, you can always Google how to do something, but a strong network of peers makes us all stronger, and makes our industry stronger too. I can’t imagine not being a member, and I’ve discovered that the more involved I am, the more value I get from being a member.

As our industry shifts, we must adapt right alongside it. We are thinking about our members who are content strategists, social media managers, user experience developers, and graphic designers. Your Administrative Council and I are working hard every day to deliver relevant programming and fun socials to those who want to keep up. With membership dwindling across the organization, the value your Chapter can provide is directly proportional to the number of active members who benefit from the networking and career growth opportunities. So, we need your help.

This Chapter has always been full of strong and vibrant leaders, and I want to keep it that way. Without greater participation – especially from volunteers – your Chapter might cease to exist in a few years. If you don’t want to see this happen, I want to hear from you! What can we do better? What should we offer that we’re not currently? How can we reach you where you are in your career, in your city? How can we keep up with shifts in the industry? How can you get involved that works for you?

Write to me: I’m listening.

Christina can be reached at president at stc-carolina dot org. Read more articles by Christina Mayr. End of article.

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