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Selling STC to the Boss
2002, Q4 (June 12, 2008)
Having trouble selling the idea of STC membership to the boss? Get it paid through your corporate training budget. Dictionary.com defines "training" as follows: "to make proficient with specialized instruction and practice."
  • Training happens when a chapter workshop on XML helps you develop superior company documents — faster and more efficiently
  • Training happens when an STC telephone seminar teaches you and your colleagues the basics of single sourcing, streamlining your company's production processes.
  • Training happens when a technical session at STC's annual conference shows you how to develop a usability plan that returns valuable feedback on your company's product — resulting in a better product and more satisfied customers.
  • Training happens when an article in Intercom or Technical Communication shows you how to make a company Web site translation-ready to reach an international audience.

If an STC- or chapter-sponsored event or activity shows you how to improve your company's products or processes, that's "training." Nonmembers often pay significantly more for STC programs, conferences, and workshops than do members. And STC membership provides training with a bonus: a vibrant professional community with numerous opportunities for networking.

STC helps you make career opportunities happen. End of article.

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