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Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New
2004, Q4 (June 19, 2007)
By Alexia Idoura

During 2004, the Management SIG had some great discussions about quality metrics, centralization vs. decentralization, publishing technologies, benchmarking, leadership styles, and more. Not only have I learned many things from my fellow managers (no surprise there), but I've been able to apply those lessons andsee measurable results at work.

We have compelling topics to discuss during 2005, including:
  • Motivating your staff
  • Discussing the book Why Can't We Get Anything Done Around Here
  • Scaling processes and tools when your organization grows
  • Grooming your replacement
  • Managing by objectives

If you haven't attended our meeting, I encourage you to join us. We're a very informal group. Most participants arrive around 11:30-12:00 to eat lunch and chat. From 12:00 to 1:00 we discuss the topic de jour. We rotate who facilitates the discussion each month. Some managers have a lot to share on a particular topic, and others just come to listen and ask questions. Even with no time to spare ,this one hour a month has denitely been worth it for me.

If you want to be added to our email list, please send me a message. For information about our meetings, upcoming topics, directions, and contact information, please see http://www.stc-carolina.org/sigs/mgt/.

Alexia Idoura can be reached at alexia dot idoura at veritas dot com. End of article.

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