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Ray Gallon, Candidate for STC Director in 2014
March 07, 2014
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By Ray Gallon, Candidate for STC Director

Ray Gallon
Ray Gallon
When I ran for the board the first time, I saw my campaign as a bit uppity, a bit provocative. I expected to find myself at the center of many controversial debates on difficult issues. The truth is, that yes, we have had to face many difficult issues in the past two years, but with less controversy. I have been privileged and honored to serve on a board of forward-looking, progressive people, bent on changing the course of our society to meet the needs of members, to function as a well-run, data-driven business.

Almost all the issues that I raised as talking points two years ago have been dealt with seriously and honestly inside the board, much to my pleasure. This does not mean that we have finished working on these issues, or that all problems are solved. It means that we've got a good start, we're ramped up and ready to hit the pavement running.

I promise to you that I will continue to militate for choices that take us into the future...
This has been a special term. The first year saw the board also functioning in an executive capacity as we searched for a new Executive Director. The second year has been one of ramping up with the person we selected for that role.

Leadership Experience

I'm presenting myself for another term, because I truly believe that we are still just starting, that we haven't yet hit our stride, and I want to be able to serve you in a situation where we can reap the benefits of the work started in the last two years. If you grant me the mandate, I promise to you that I will continue to militate for choices that take us into the future, that widen the scope of practice and advancement available to people in our discipline, and to the health and good administration of our society.

Might I add, also, that whomever you support for office, I urge you to participate in the elections. Read the candidates' statements, even if you don't know them, or think it doesn't matter. It does matter, and the more who vote, the greater our mandate as directors.

Being a director is an honor, a responsibility, and a stewardship for future generations. It would be my pleasure to continue to serve you if you vote for me.


For more information, please visit the STC election website. Find more details on my platform and positions at http://humanistnerd.culturecom.net.End of article.

Read about all the candidates in our STC 2014 Election Guide.

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