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Internship Programs: Collaboration or Dictation
By Stephanie Mills, Greg Thompson, Ann-Marie Grissino, and Sheila Loring Recently Greg Thompson, Sheila Loring, and Stephanie Mills had a discussion about interns and internships in technical communication. Greg and Sheila had experience directing interns, and Stephanie had experience working as an intern. The conversation explored these two perspectives on internships. We found ourselves wishing we had recorded the conversation, but even better, Sheila brought in Ann-Marie Grissino for a fourth perspective and the following conversation transpired... What's an appropriate workload for an intern? [Sheila] Be ready with a long list of projects, longer than you imagine one person can finish in a few months. Interns work very quickly because they have few distractions. And with summer
September 30, 2013 11:19 EDT
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