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Rajdeep Gupta, Candidate for STC Director in 2016
Rajdeep Gupta has 10+ years experience in Technical Communication, Sales and Marketing, Project Management, and Translation. He has worked for Infosys, Misys, and Author-it before starting Blue Dots Consultancy Services. At present, he is the Managing Director of Blue Dots looking after the training and translation division. He has approximately 3500 training hours teaching professionals like software developers, technical writers, project managers and others in XML and DITA, Cloud, CMS, and Customer Focused Documentation. Rajdeep is a former STC India Chapter President, and has also held several other chapter officer roles. In 2012, he received with STC Distinguished Chapter Service Award. Rajdeep has an MBA in Information Systems and a Diploma in Cyber Laws. He is located in Bangalore, India. End of article.

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