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President’s Message
1996, May (July 02, 2007)
by Bill Albing, President

The Society for Technical Communication includes writers, editors, managers, educators, graphic illustrators, consultants, and others. Our chapter has nearly 400 members and is still growing. As the
chapter grows, I wonder if I am keeping in touch with enough of you. If you feel there is a better way for the officers of the Carolina Chapter, and me in particular to communicate with you, let me know. If you are not finding value in your membership, then you need to let us know how to better serve you. Did you know that you can get involved and determine how your dues are spent?

We have done a lot this past year. With your help, we have advanced our profession
and provided these benefits to members:
  • timely monthly newsletter keeping you up to date on local events and trends
  • discount on the International Conference, our local Summer Conference, and other events
  • latest job listings and tips on how to improve your search for a (better) job
  • information line with time and place of the next program and a job openings list (406-6600)
  • directory to include names of members and local educational resources
  • World Wide Web posting of chapter information and the latest job openings http://stc.org/region2/ncc/www/carolina_homepage.html
  • opportunity to network with other communications professionals
  • opportunity to get involved and determine the future of technical communication

And we have plans for the coming year as well. We will be offering:
  • seminars on HTML and Web page creation (August 17)
  • programs on conflict management and on improving your writing skills
  • improved connections with local universities and colleges
  • arrangement with NC State University to offer members workshops using FrameMaker (1997)
  • forum with corporate management about defining our profession
  • listserver for communicating with students and educators about the profession (1997)
  • more teleconference opportunities and more community and social events

We have a lot to do this year and it will be fun. If you have ideas that you would like to share, come to our Vision Meeting, June 1, at Blue Jay Point Park in north Raleigh. I am very proud of what we have accomplished this year. End of article.

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