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President's Message: The Trying Times
2010, Q2 (July 11, 2010)
By Bea Johnson, Immediate Past President

Bea Bailey
Bea Bailey
This is my last article as President of STC Carolina. We’ve all been met with some of the most challenging obstacles, but most of all we’ve come through them. With the most unanswered questions I’ve ever faced or seen staring in front of me, I calmly and cautiously moved forward with the business of the organization. To some, I may have been slow, uneager, or not even interested. I watched closely (closer than anyone could imagine) and saw challenges that needed to be met, found resolution with common issues and tried to give an answer (or the best answer available) when there wasn’t an answer.

Money has caused great weariness and considerable woes this year. Many members, dedicated colleagues and professionals, have left the organization because of the rise in membership dues. The trying times have caused communities across the organization to succumb to the weight of the weakening economy. We, STC Carolina, have not only remained a community: we’ve remained strong. Our membership is down, but not out. This year we brought home the title of Community of Excellence. In the monthly meetings we’ve introduced new non-members to an organization that’s embarking on new developments in technical communication.

To the 2009-2010 Admin Council, thank you.
We, STC Carolina, have not only remained a community: we’ve remained strong.
To Emily Toone, Dena Gooch and TPS, thank you for your support as our Hospitality Sponsor. To Tekelec, thank you for hosting our monthly meetings. To the members and non-members who’ve made this community all that it is currently, thank you. Your ideas, thoughts, and insight have given all of us new respect for our profession.

Best of luck to all of you,

Bea Johnson
(Formerly Bea Bailey)
President, STC Carolina 2009-2010

Bea can be reached at president at stc-carolina dot org. End of article.

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