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President's Message
2001, July (June 20, 2007)
Michael Harvey, Carolina Chapter President (2001-2002)

Take it all in, give it all back

Anyone who caught Dewitt Jones’s inspirational opening session speech to STC’s 48th Annual Conference in Chicago will understand why I’ve chosen “take it all in, give it all back” as the theme for my year as President of our chapter. Jones, a professional photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic, encouraged us to “sharpen our technique,” use it to learn as much as we can about the technology we cover, and share what we’ve learned with others.

“Take it all in, give it all back” succinctly expresses what we do. It describes an effective way to further our careers—what we give to others often comes back to us with dividends. And it tells how we can get the most out of our chapter during the coming year.

Here’s how I intend to give back:

I’ll work with Meredith Blackwelder, our Program Manager, to assemble a slate of engaging talks and workshops. The July 12 meeting will be a combination leadership and membership meeting. Our August meeting will be “Vision Day” — a chance to brainstorm our chapter’s future. Bring your creativity!

I will work with the Chapter Conference team to plan and stage a compelling, memorable conference in April 2002.

Emily Toone wants to continue the mentoring initiative she began as President. I think her initiative gives more seasoned technical writers an opportunity to give back everything they’ve taken in during their careers. I’ll work with Emily to step up our mentoring efforts a notch.

We’ll explore conducting another local salary survey. I did the last three; it’s time for me to pass the torch to someone else.

We’ll continue to explore ways to make volunteering for STC activities more appealing. Doing something for our chapter should be a manageable commitment of time and energy.

I look forward to working with the other members of the Carolina Chapter leadership to making this a fun year! End of article.

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