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President's Message: Awards and Honors
2006, Q1 (July 03, 2007)
Anjela Dukes, Carolina Chapter President

MAnjela Dukes
Anjela Dukes
The rounds of applause echoed throughout the halls as STC Carolina members, family, and friends came together to recognize outstanding work in our field at the chapter’s annual awards banquet on March 8, 2006, at Prestonwood Country Club. This was a wonderful opportunity to everyone to get an up-close and personal look at the winners of our local technical publications, art, and online competition winners.

In addition to the awards for exceptional work of our peers in the competition, we also had the opportunity to recognize some of our chapter honorees and award winners.

Society Level Honors

  • Betsy Kent is the 2006 Distinguished Chapter Service Award recipient for the Carolina Chapter. Betsy received this honor because of her outstanding service and high-value contributions to the STC Carolina Chapter as a competition committee member and long time local Online SIG member. Please see page 8 for more information on Betsy’s award.
  • Michelle Corbin and Michael Harvey attained the honorary rank of Associate Fellow. The Society conferred this honor upon Michelle and Michael for their innovative contributions to the Carolina Chapter, continued service to the Society, and contributing to the advancement of technical communication. They will officially receive this award at the STC Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in May. Find out more about Michelle and Michael’s contributions on page 6.
  • Heather Brautman is our chapter’s newest Sigma Tau Chi member. We are proud of her for attaining this membership. It recognizes her outstanding academic achievements, exemplary participation in the STC Carolina Chapter and the NCSU Student Chapter, and potential for significant contributions to the profession. Please see page 9 for more information on Heather’s award.

Chapter Level Honors

The Carolina Chapter continues to thrive because of the efforts of our volunteers.

The annual awards banquet gave us the opportunity to give special recognition to the following members for their ongoing support:
  • John Balchunas for his outstanding leadership efforts to research, generate, and execute the 2005 Carolina Chapter Employment and Salary Survey with utmost level of professionalism and creativity.
  • Melanie Drake for her outstanding efforts to maintain the STC Carolina Chapter financial records and to continuously search for innovative ways track income and utilize economic services.
  • Michelle Corbin for her exemplary leadership when rechartering the STC Carolina Chapter and for your dedication to defining specific strategies, goals, and activities for the strategic plan.

The individuals whom we recognized at our awards banquet continue to advance the arts and sciences of technical communication in our chapter, in the community, and beyond. It is my honor to honor them.

Contact Anjela at adukes1 at nc dot rr dot com. End of article.

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