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Paul Mueller, Candidate for STC Vice President in 2014
March 07, 2014
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By Paul Mueller, Candidate for Vice President
Photo of Paul Mueller
Paul Mueller

STC Leadership and Direction Are Important to Me

The STC Carolina chapter is a vibrant community that provides many opportunities to network, discuss ideas, and keep our careers growing. While visiting STC Carolina, I was inspired by the number of people who attended the management workshop on that Saturday morning. We had an active discussion, which is a key part of learning from each other. We openly shared our ideas, debated diverse approaches, and helped each other find potential solutions. Active communities like the STC Carolina chapter help us connect with each other and advance technical communication together.

STC should be known for helping everyone design, develop, and deliver quality content. STC provides valuable resources for technical communicators, including many types of educational offerings. Companies dedicate money for tools and resources to help their employees work more effectively. For example, many companies pay for valuable reference libraries and code samples to help programmers develop better code. I believe we can do more to help STC develop and promote its resources that help technical communicators.

In addition, different groups across many company departments are now developing and delivering content. These groups of content providers may not think of STC as their professional home, but we should be, and we can be. STC needs to reach out to many new groups of people across all company departments.
STC should be known for helping everyone design, develop, and deliver quality content.

My name is Paul Mueller and I would like to serve the Society as Vice President. I am asking for your vote so that I can help STC serve our industry and its members in the most effective way. Your vote is important in selecting the leaders who will help shape the future direction of our professional organization. Voting in the 2014 STC election begins March 10th and ends March 21st at 5 p.m. EDT (GMT-4).

Leadership Experience

I am honored to become an STC Fellow this May in Phoenix and I am grateful for all that STC has provided to help me throughout my career. I have served in many leadership roles throughout my career, from managing a team distributed around the world to owning my own consulting company. I would like to lend my leadership and business experience to help STC continue to serve our industry and shape future leaders.

I have enjoyed serving STC in many roles, including as Director on the STC Board, Chair of several Task Forces, and in many Summit leadership positions.


If you would like more information about me and what I can contribute to the leadership of STC, please visit my election website and the STC election website.

Thank you for being an important part of our professional community and I hope you will vote in the STC election.

If you have any questions, please contact me or submit your question through the STC election website.

Read about all the candidates in our STC 2014 Election Guide. End of article.

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