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Meeting Recap: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
2015, Q4 (October 14, 2015)
Meeting Recap
Jeana Routh
Jeana Routh
By Jeana Routh, Duke Continuing Education Student

On Friday, September 25, Mir Haynes, owner of RTP Resumes, gave a Lunch & Learn presentation titled “Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile.” In addition to being a former technical communicator herself, Mir has had years of success as a resume writer and LinkedIn consultant. Her presentation distilled her insights in this medium into essential strategies and tips for using LinkedIn effectively.

The central point of her approach is using your LinkedIn profile to establish a personal brand. Simply put, LinkedIn allows you to tell a story that makes your value as a candidate stand out against your potential competitors. She started by covering the basics, such as claiming a personalized vanity URL, choosing an appropriate and professional headshot, and using the space allocated for a tagline in a productive way (rather than the default of simply stating your job title).

Mir then went in to more detail on building a great LinkedIn summary. She recommended taking a more conversational tone in comparison to a resume, allowing the reader to get a sense of what it’s like to work with you. She suggested three distinct layout strategies. The content should contain appropriate keywords, convey your passion for your work, and explain why you’re in the field you’ve chosen.

In another section of the presentation, Mir discussed in detail several ways everyone should use LinkedIn on a daily basis to build their presence, strengthen their network, and decrease the chance of job-seeking activity drawing unwanted attention. One of her most powerful suggestions was contributing to several LinkedIn Groups. Groups afford an opportunity to expand your network, build your credibility by helping others and answering questions, learn from others in your field, and make inside connections at companies you may want to work for. Meeting people in groups also gives you a chance to get to know other professionals and form lasting relationships with them outside of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for creating a whole person and a well-rounded view of you as a potential job candidate. Take advantage of the ways it can help you grow as a professional, expand your network, and find new opportunities now!

You can download the slides from this Lunch & Learn (PDF)!

Jeana Routh can be reached at jeana dot routh at gmail dot com. Read more articles by Jeana Routh. End of article.

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