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New members save on STC dues
2002, Q3 (July 02, 2007)
As part of its annual fall membership drive, STC offers a special discount to new members who join the Society on or after October 1, 2002. For the regular member rate of $140 ($125 for dues plus a one-time $15 enrollment fee), new members will be credited with dues paid for the remainder of 2002 and for calendar year 2003. That's 15 months of Society membership for the price of 12.

Among the benefits of Society membership are subscriptions to Intercom, the Society's monthly magazine, published ten times a year, and to Technical Communication, the Society's quarterly journal. These periodicals contain essential articles on the theory and practice of technical communication. Other membership benefits include discounts on STC's annual conference, the largest gathering of technical communicators in the world; eligibility for association group rate insurance; and access to STC's special interest groups. For more information on these and other benefits, visit the STC web site at www.stc.org.

Please pass this article to a prospective member. To join STC, prospective members can fill out an electronic form or download a membership application at http://www.stc.org. Those who prefer to have a membership application mailed to them can request one from the STC office at the following address:
Society for Technical Communication
901 North Stuart Street, Suite 904
Arlington, VA 22203-1822
(703) 522-4114

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