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New Year, New Opportunities!
2015, Q1 (December 23, 2014)
By Robert Perry, Chapter President

Happy volunteer
STC Carolina is an exemplary community because of our exemplary volunteers. Volunteers are the heart of our society and especially of our chapter. We are always seeking volunteers to help with chapter activities and events.

There’s no shortage of volunteer opportunities, which often translate into new skills and networking. Getting to know other technical communicators in the area can enrich your personal life and career. Being active in the chapter is one of the best and easiest ways to meet other technical communicators, even if you only devote only a few hours a month to the activity.

Though some volunteers enjoy and have time for face-to-face contact, they often volunteer from home. Our membership manager, Lori Meyer, lives in California. Lori contacts new members by email and looks for opportunities to recruit members. The role works well for her and for the chapter, because much of the work is online. She also attends administrative council meetings online through GoToMeeting.

Volunteer opportunities abound. Here are just a few:

Admin Council

The Administrative Council consists of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Immediate Past President, and four Directors. Let us know if you are interested in serving on the council.

Programs Committee

Research and schedule interesting programs and events. Manage or join the Programs Committee and have a say on what workshops and programs we offer. Help coordinate a workshop and attend for free or at reduced cost.


The STC Carolina Competitions is a nationally recognized excellent competition! Joining the planning committee is a lot of fun and a great chance to contribute to the technical community.

Carolina Communiqué

Get involved, published, and share your experience, all at the same time! Serve as the Newsletter Editor or write an article for our chapter's newsletter, Carolina Communiqué. Peruse the online instructions, which also contains a list of article idea generators.

Mentoring Committee

The STC Carolina Chapter's Mentoring Database is a new initiative that matches mentors with mentees to provide guidance and advice. The Program Manager oversees and manages the site, and recruits new mentors and mentees. Serving as a mentor or becoming a mentee can help direct your future, expand your professional network, gain knowledge and perspective on the workplace, and deliver tremendous personal satisfaction. Invest in the future and give back to the community today.

Membership Committee

We are always looking for new members and how to keep current members engaged and satiated. This committee provides you an opportunity to develop inventive and interesting ways to recruit and maintain members.

Hospitality Committee

Assist with the logistics of meetings and events, including location, food, and welcoming members.

Social Committee

Plan, coordinate and publicize socials and other events. Manage the logistics and promotion via social and other networks. Oversee our social networking sites and find more opportunities to attract a wider audience of writers.

Volunteer Today

So, as a worthwhile resolution for 2015, resolve to develop your leadership skills, expand your network, and stay on top of the technical communication field. Having numerous volunteers enriches the chapter — which translates into more value for chapter members.

Volunteer opportunities abound. If you'd like to help out, please contact president at stc-carolina dot org or sign up here. Come join us!

Robert Perry can be reached at president at stc-carolina dot org. Read more articles by Robert. End of article.

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