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Meeting Recap: Annual Picnic/Membership Drive
2005, Q3 (July 03, 2007)
By Cindy Richardson Decker, Carolina Chapter Membership Manager

Twenty-three people — a combination of senior members, new members, future members and guests — ate, played games and networked at the Carolina chapter annual picnic/membership drive on Thursday, September 8, 2005. The diverse group of guests brought the party to life at the White Oak Shelter at Crabtree Lake County Park, the annual event’s location for several years.

With free admission and food from Chick-Fil-A, attendees were treated to dinner and dessert — cheesecake & brownies — all well received! Good weather was on our side, and we were graced with a beautiful North Carolina September evening.

In addition to attendance by virtually all leadership board members and committee managers, a total of nine potential new members came to the picnic with the specific goal of finding out more about our chapter. At least two of those individuals decided to join our chapter, and will take advantage of the two months extra membership by joining on Nov 1, 2005.

We started the evening with socializing and eating, and then the games began. There was particularly stiff competition during the “What’s in the Bag” game, with fun prizes for anyone who got at least 6 of the items correct. Players were given 10 sealed and numbered lunchstyle brown bags, and without looking in the bags, had to guess what the objects in the bags were. This year the theme was “various household items.” Other games played were “Decryption,” where players looked at graphics and then figured out the encoded phrases that they represented, and “Guess the Month” where players were given 10 local and world events from the last year and had to guess in which month they occurred. The game coordinator promised to take it a bit easier on end-of-the-day brains next year!

We gave a special thank you and best wishes to the Chapter’s outgoing Web Site Manager, Kim Flint. Kim led our web presence for over 10 years, including a significant redesign along the way, and is stepping down after the birth of her first child, Jack.

Thank you to all those who attended for a memorable evening!

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Cindy Richardson Decker at membership at stccarolina dot org. End of article.

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