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Matchmaker, Matchmaker...
1999, August (November 20, 2008)
By Judy Skinner, Special Needs Committee Manager

A group of your Society colleagues and I have recently formed the Special Needs Committee. Our charter is to help members with special needs achieve their potential by making available to them information about products and services that can assist them in career activities.

Wheelchair access and voice-recognition software are examples of products and services that meet special needs. There are many more, such as special telephone numbers for people with hearing impairments, software that reads screen text aloud, and Braille elevator buttons.

We ask your help in identifying communicators who have special needs, what the needs are, the communicators’ managers and instructors. We also ask your help in identifying products and services that meet their needs.

This is just a suggestion, but this might be a project for your Community Service Committee. Another suggestion is to use your chapter survey, if you have a way to get responders’ names.

We intend to establish a clearinghouse that would match people with solutions. It’s a huge task, made manageable by starting at the Chapter level. Please share with one of us your findings and creative methodologies. End of article.

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