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Kirk St. Amant, Candidate for STC Director in 2015
March 06, 2015
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Kirk St. Amant is an STC Fellow and a Professor of Technical and Professional Communication and of International Studies at East Carolina University. He has a background in technical communication, cultural anthropology, and international government and has worked on international projects for companies such as Medtronic, VERITAS Software, the Braun Corporation, and Unisys. He has also worked on projects with the non-profit organizations the Humanitarian Demining Information Center (HDIC) and the USAID-sponsored Consortium for the Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME).

Kirk has served the STC in numerous capacities. He has served as co-advisor of the STC student chapters at James Madison University and at Texas Tech University, has served on the Jay R. Gould Award Selection Committee, was part of the committee that coordinated Technical Communication’s transition to an online format, and is currently on the Technical Communication Editorial Search Committee.

He is a member of the editorial board of Technical Communication, and is a regular contributor to both Technical Communication (of which he has guest edited two special issues) and to Intercom magazine. He also edits the “Student Perspectives” column (which highlights the work of students in technical communication) in Intercom magazine and will have his own regular Intercom column (“Working Locally, Communicating Globally”) starting in 2015.

A past president and past conference program chair of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC), Kirk worked regularly with the members of the STC Academic Special Interest Group (SIG) to coordinate an STC Academic SIG pre-conference at the 2011-2014 CPTSC annual conferences.

Kirk is the recipient of STC’s Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching, as well as the IEEE Professional Communication Society’s Ronald S. Bliq Award for Distinction in Technical Communication Education and its Emily K. Schlesinger Award for Outstanding Service to the Professional Communication Society. End of article.

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