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Job Bank Offers "Job-Searching Techniques"
1997, Jan-Feb (June 17, 2008)
By Lee Bumgarner, Job Bank Manager

At the 1996 summer conference, speaker Susan Booker handed out a booklet titled "Job-Searching Techniques," which turned out to be as good as gold. Leftover copies of this fourteen-page guide were placed on display tables, to be quickly snatched up by conference attendees.

Because "Job-Searching Techniques" proved to be so popular and such a beneficial job-search aid, the Chapter will reprint it. Beginning in January 1997, STC members may purchase copies for a small fee (to cover printing and handling costs).

Susan Booker and Michael Uhl spent many hours searching for information, compiling and writing the guide, and putting it into a very usable form. "Job-Searching Techniques" offers direction, tips, and information for technical communicators, whether they are newly graduated and looking for their first job or experienced and seeking something different or better.

"Job-Searching Techniques" offers direction for setting vocational goals, salary, and other job requirements; describes how to plan a job search, beginning with your resume and ending with a portfolio; lists local and national job-search resources, both print and online; and offers advice for interviewing and landing that perfect job.

For more information, see http://stc.org/region2/ncc/www/cc_joblisting.html, or contact Lee Bumgarner.End of article.

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