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Into the 21st Century...
1996, Nov-Dec (June 19, 2007)
Synopsized by Michelle Corbin Nichols from Larry Kunz's "Carolina Chapter Strategic Plan for 1997-2001"

The Carolina Chapter now has a plan that will take it into the 21st century, thanks Larry Kunz, head of Strategic Planning. Because the Carolina Chapter is one of largest in the STC, we needed direction could help Chapter leaders manage human and financial resources while setting shortterm goals that will make our Chapter a success.

The Strategic Plan, developed with active participation from chapter members, contains a set of objectives and detailed actions. The document will be reviewed regularly and fine-tuned to remain a useful, ìliving" guide to the chapter. If you have any questions or would like copy of the plan, please contact Larry Kunz (ldkunz@vnet.ibm.com or 919-254-6395).


The first objective is "Build a stable foundation," with these strategies:
  • Provide valuable services for members
  • Document policies and procedures governance
  • Promote continuity from year to year
  • Perform ongoing reassessment
  • Recruit and motivate members and volunteers
  • Recognize and reward those who serve

Some of the actions proposed to achieve this objective include providing high-quality events with a self-sustaining events schedule, having a policy manual for each office and committee, lengthening the for key officers and committee chairs, conducting an annual volunteer drive, and recognizing all Chapter volunteers at year end.


The second objective is "Set the direction technical communication," with these strategies:
  • Promote the profession in the community
  • Promote the professionalism of our members
  • Promote education
  • Set standards for the profession and professional development
  • Get involved at the Society level
  • Define ourselves as the experts in technical communication

We hope to achieve this objective by defining the profession for the mass media, applying to host the annual international conference, and conducting research about local work opportunities.


The third objective is "Become more visible," with these strategies:
  • Gain visibility among members
  • Gain visibility among prospective members
  • Gain visibility among employers in the area
  • Become known as the technical communication leader in central North Carolina
  • Gain recognition at the Society level

To achieve this objective, the society needs to take steps to publish an attentiongetting,
informative newsletter, develop a new members' kit, give presentations to other organizations, and position members as experts.


The fourth and final objective is "Provide information," with these strategies:
  • Be the information source about news and trends
  • Foster communication among members

Some of the actions proposed to achieve this objective include conducting and publicizing a local trends survey, creating a Carolina Chapter list-server on the Internet, and maintaining a database of members' skills.

Many of the strategies and their subsequent actions nicely intertwine and overlap, showing a cohesive and focused strategic plan. As a member of the board, I am excited to have in place a plan that helps me focus on what I personally can do to take our Chapter, our Society, and our profession into the 21st century and beyond.

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