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Intercom Online Now Available
2004, Q3 (July 05, 2007)
The new Intercom Online is now available on the STC Web site! You can view the site at http://www.stc.org/intercom.

Previously, the Intercom section of the STC Web site contained links to the feature articles of the current issue. The new Intercom Online contains links to the entire Intercom article index for the current issue, including letters to the editor, Society Pages, and departments such as Witful Thinking and Off Hours. The new Intercom Online also features a full-text search utility that allows precise searches of all back issues from 1999 to the present. Some articles from the current issue will be available as "teasers" to non-members, but most of the articles will be reserved for members only.

Intercom Online is completely data-driven and has been entirely designed using CSS. Like the rest of the STC Web site, Intercom Online has been validated using W3C utilities and should prove extremely accessible and compatible. Intercom Online includes built-in accessibility features; to learn more about these features, click the "Accessibility" link in the footer of any page in the Intercom Online site.

Improving the value of STC remains our goal, and were excited to add this helpful feature to the STC Web site! End of article.

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